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    Living in Doha, Qatar I am a...


    I help people lose weight  using my ACE certification in Personal Training!


    I design and evaluate corporate & institutional health & wellness programs.


    I conduct qualitative research in the public health sector


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    1-on-1 Personal Training

    I work around your schedule and budget!

    Online Personal Training

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    Comprehensive courses designed to help you

    take charge of your health! 

    Lose body fat & build muscle by learning how to build your own custom nutrition plan and workouts. No gym required!

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    I always give 100%.

    "Dude... (sends picture of waist in a gown she was losing weight for) snatched :D" Al Thani, Student

    "I had a wonderful experience with Dana where she helped me achieve what I had thought to be an unachievable outcome.I had read about strength training to be the most effective way to being fit and have always wanted to learn the right way to train.
    Dana helped me pursue fitness without setting unreasonable goals or restrictive diets. I lost inches while enjoying my staple diet of rice, lentils and vegetables. She possesses a solid education in fitness & health and an impressive experience in fitness training. Dana made my workout sessions enjoyable.
    I am now enjoying my workouts with confidence and feel fitter and healthier than ever." Soumya Chandrasekaran, Construction Professional

    "I feel a difference. I bathed (my son) today, usually when I get him out of the tub I need time to stand up straight because my back is crippled, today I was okay!" Aboutouk, Dentist

    "Dana you were fantastic! Specifically, (1) Prompt professional communication, (2) Great self-direction/independence, (3) Valuable content/expertise, (4) Warm, approachable, friendly, (5) Responsive to VCU procedures & requests, (6) Responsive to student requests & dynamics, and (7) Adaptable. Excellent work!" Laura Green, Director of Personal Development & Counselling Services, VCU

    "I would like to thank you so much for your efforts on the Health and Wellness Booths. The Energy smoothie was a huge success :)" Nancy Ahmed, VCU

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